DIANA Fellows

DIANA Fellows

The DIANA Fellows program provides support for 4 graduate students each year to spend 3 months intensively developing software tools in conjunction with collaborating institutions. The graduate student should have a base stipend from their home institution. The DIANA Fellows program will provides travel and subsistence funds to support direct collaboration with others developing software tools for general use at a second institution. See the Fellow Projects page for example projects of interest and details on how to propose your own project. For more information, contact mike.sokoloff@uc.edu.

DIANA Undergraduate Fellow

A DIANA Undergraduate Fellow position is also available each year. The student will work 10-12 weeks during the summer, either developing or using data-intensive tools. The DIANA project will provide a stipend for the summer period and in some cases can provide additional travel/subsistence support if they work away from their home institution. For more information on the DIANA Undergraduate Fellow position contact mike.sokoloff@uc.edu.

Summer 2021 DIANA Undergraduate Fellowship Opportunities

For the summer of 2021, several projects have been proposed and we invite applications from undergraduate students at U.S. universities. Each of these projects has been designed for a three month period, starting in May or June according to the student's academic calendar. Participation will be remote. The stipend level will be $2000/month. Several of these projects are particularly well-suited to Computer Science or Computer Engineering students. Others are particularly well-suited to Physics students. All students with appropriate experience (as described in the individual project descriptions) are encouraged to apply, regardless of nominal major. Veterans, women, and members of other traditionally under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications should be sent to diana@virtualgluons.com. The subject line should say DIANA Fellows Application. Please include a cover letter indicating projects of interest, dates of availability, and a short summary of who you are and why you are interested. Please attach a one or two page CV and unofficial transcripts. Applications received by the dates indicated for each project will receive full consideration. However, applications received subsequently will be considered until the positions are filled.

Current and past DIANA fellows

Josh Elsarboukh, University of Colorado Denver [Undergrad]

Mat Adamec, University of Nebraska-Lincoln [Undergrad]

Pratyush Das, Institute of Engineering and Management (Kolkata) [Undergrad]

Himadri Pandey, University of Cincinnati [Undergrad]

Juan Baptista

Matthew Feickert, Southern Methodist University [Grad]

Meghan Frate, University of California - Irvine [Grad]

Andrew Carnes, University of Florida [Grad]