DIANA Fellows

DIANA Fellows

The DIANA Fellows program provides support for 4 graduate students each year to spend 3 months intensively developing software tools in conjunction with collaborating institutions. The graduate student should have a base stipend from their home institution. The DIANA Fellows program will provides travel and subsistence funds to support direct collaboration with others developing software tools for general use at a second institution. See the Fellow Projects page for example projects of interest and details on how to propose your own project. For more information, contact mike.sokoloff@uc.edu.

DIANA Undergraduate Fellow

A DIANA Undergraduate Fellow position is also available each year. The student will work 10-12 weeks during the summer, either developing or using data-intensive tools. The DIANA project will provide a stipend for the summer period and in some cases can provide additional travel/subsistence support if they work away from their home institution. For more information on the DIANA Undergraduate Fellow position contact mike.sokoloff@uc.edu.

Current and past DIANA fellows

Pratyush Das, Institute of Engineering and Management (Kolkata) [Undergrad]

Himadri Pandey, University of Cincinnati [Undergrad]

Juan Baptista

Matthew Feickert, Southern Methodist University [Grad]

Meghan Frate, University of California - Irvine [Grad]

Andrew Carnes, University of Florida [Grad]