DIANA Fellow Projects

Proposing a Project

If you are interested in a DIANA Fellow position, you can propose a project. In the proposal you should briefly describe the software development activity that you would like to pursue, and how that activity will enhance your own and other people's research activities. Note also the intended software project or person with whom you will collaborate and the location where you would need to travel for that collaboration. The proposal should be short, typically no more one page to describe the project and then a short timeline with deliverables (see also examples from previous fellows. Submit your project proposal by email to mike.sokoloff@uc.edu or one of the other DIANA/HEP PIs. DIANA Fellow positions will be awarded in a rolling fashion based on submitted project proposals.

If you are involved in a software project used by the community and have specific projects which could be of interest to potential DIANA Fellows, please send your ideas to mike.sokoloff@uc.edu.They can be listed as example projects in the list below.

Example Projects of Interest